Get peace to work while driving

Get transported to and from your appointments and use your time while driving to do important tasks. It can be work on an assignment, phone calls, meeting preparation or simply relaxation and afterthought.

Become more effective while being transported

Use your transport deal to make more of your workday. With a chauffeur behind the wheel you can be well prepared for work while avoid being interrupted, stressed and noise.

Always the same drivers

Our professional chauffeurs offer discretion and confidentiality and provide the comfort of always providing the same service every time.

For all in the company

With a flexible transport deal your company gets a chance to let all coworkers get transported to fx meetings or airports. It is also possible to provide your customers a good and exclusive ride in own limousine from the airport or a hotel.

Flexible deal

Business Car Lillebælt creates individual deals so that it matches the clients needs.

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